Tuesday, May 12, 2009

See Charlie Vázquez as Spittles the Clown @ Dixon Place and Brandon Lacy Campos reads at Double Pride Panic! @ Nowhere Bar

For my readers in the New York area. I got this today from my new pal and fellow artist Charlie Vázquez. Charlie's bio is included in this press release...but know that he is a talented writer and ya'll need to check him out and support his work. Also, there is info on my Pride reading, which is part of Charlie's Panic! series.


GUEST CURATOR: Edwin Ramoran

LIPS LIKE MY SUGAR WALLS promises an evening of world premieres by emerging artists working in New York City. As a curatorial concept “Lips Like My Sugar Walls” acknowledges the primacy of our outer layers, lips, foreskin, culo, mandala, epidermis, and labia. They propel us. We use them in so many ways. We spit, suck, sing, slurp, squirt, lick, fuck, eat, blow, flirt, and kiss. What can a post-punk, Prince-influenced mash up look, feel, sound, taste, smell like? Does it hurt, love, fear, accept? This performance showcase brings together a raw, innovative mix of New York artists. All are contemporary artists who use interdisciplinary practices to produce performative works in video, poetry, photography, and song.

The world premiere of Ivan Monforte’s short video "Tres Veces" reveals the artist and three other men in a racy interpretation of Paquita La Del Barrio’s ranchero song of revenge “Tres veces te engañé.” For the first time, Jayson Keeling collaborates on a slide show and text performance with the punk antics of Alison Ward and her rock group The Ruffian Arms. Bringing the immediacy of the edgy East Village scene, performance artists Karen Jaime and Charlie Vázquez, both dynamic writers and spoken word poets who recently performed for Hispanic PANIC! at the queer bar Nowhere, will deliver new works, including a rare performance by Vázquez as "Spittles the Clown", a fetish, sex worker. Designer Imposter (aka Ramdasha Bikceem), known on the queer club circuit for her fierce mix of dance music at parties like Pantyho’s, will perform new original songs. Rachel Mason and Mark Golamco, who have worked together since 2003, will play a set of their experimental, collaborative music with viola accompaniment.
Info and tix at: www.dixonplace.org

Charlie Vázquez (Spittles the Clown)

Charlie Vázquez is a radical Bronx-bred, Brooklyn-based writer of Cuban and Puerto Rican descent. His fiction and essays have been published in anthologies such as Queer and Catholic (Taylor & Francis 2007) and Best Gay Love Stories: NYC (Alyson 2006). His fiction, articles and interviews have also appeared in print and online publications such as The Advocate, Chelsea Clinton News, NYpress.com, Tanglefoot, Dreck, BigFib and Mensbook Journal. Charlie hosts a monthly reading series called PANIC! at Nowhere in the East Village, which focuses on queer fiction and poetry. He also reviews books for the online LGBT Latino culture magazine Ambiente. He’s a former contributor to the Village Voice’s Naked City blog, a retired experimental musician and photographer, and has worked as an assistant to avant-garde diva Diamanda Galás. http://www.firekingpress.com/

“Spittles the Clown began as a character in a novella I began writing shortly after 9/11 and self-published in 2007. On the page, Spittles began his career as a children’s clown. When his gay friend (Spittles is straight!) Mark tells him about the gay leather fetish underground, Spittles becomes a fixture at fetish and leather parties, where he makes a better living than he did as a children’s clown. In reality, I dressed up like Spittles and hosted a successful fetish party in Portland, OR, where I lived at the time. I would spank people for charity dollars, and other things your mom shouldn’t know. But truthfully, Spittles is a vessel of freeform humor and adult entertainment in an age of PC strictures. Despite his coarseness, there’s a nice guy deep down inside, one who wants people to lose their irrational fear of clowns, their fear of shamans. Spittles is a cosmic hustler. For this special Dixon Place event, I will inform the audience on his desperate genesis and rise to S/M sainthood, in a fifteen-minute spoken word performance.”

The PANIC! readings, hosted by Charlie Vázquez:

322 E 14th St (btwn 1st/2nd Aves), NYC
May 27th, 8PM sharp, 21+, FREE!
Featuring Larry La Fountain, Maegan Ortiz, Karen Jaime, Charles Rice-González and Cristina Izaguirre.

322 E 14th St (btwn 1st/2nd Aves), NYC
June 24th, 8PM sharp, 21+ only, FREE!
Featuring Brandon Lacy Campos, Rosalind Lloyd, Ian Titus, Vincent Lofton, Claudia Narvaez-Meza and Taylor Siluwe.

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