Thursday, May 7, 2009

Brandon and David's Eyewitness News Report: Man Taken Down on 52nd Street


This morning, David and I were enjoying our morning coffee, eating our oatmeal, making faces at the dog...when David (who is a gay Mrs. Kravitz) was doing his morning peek-a-boo out of the studio window. We have windows that face down 10th Avenue and down 52nd we can get a clear view of any of the crazy that happens down below.

Well this morning, David declares that a man has a gun. All of a sudden cops show up from everywhere. They jump out of marked cars and unmarked cars (although I don't believe there was an unmarked undercover taxi cab this time...cuz yes...they have those in NYC...sneaky bastards). The man is about three quarters of the way down the block towards 11th avenue...all of a sudden...dude turns and runs towards the river. The cops take off after him. Not two minutes later, the guy (looked like a black guy in a black hoodie) is walking down the middle of 52nd Street waving back and forth across his body what looks like two large lead pipes. He is swinging them heavily but relatively slowly back and forth. Cops are in front of him with guns out and they are backing away from him. Cops are running up behind him hitting his arms and jumping back. Another cop car swings up and a cop bum rushes the guy, a second later there are 20+ cops piling on top of the man and weighing him to the ground.

I have no idea what led up to the man going nuts and the summoning of police, but right now, 52nd Street is blocked off from 10th to 11th, there are at least 20 police officers on the street, and they had a heck of a time getting dude up off the pavement.

Never a dull fucking day in New York City.

A bright orange ambulance pulled up after about 10 minutes, they strapped the guy down and hauled him away.

This is Brandon and David...eyewitness report...signing off.


  1. Probably asking for Healthcare and no one would give it to him.


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