Wednesday, May 6, 2009

More Advanced Praise for "It Ain't Truth If It Doesn't Hurt"

Hey folks:

Super exciting news. Ed Bok Lee, author of the best-selling collection of poetry Real Karaoke People reviewed my manuscript for my upcoming book (and collaboration with visual artist David Berube) from Summerfolk Press: It Ain't Truth If It Doesn't Hurt.

Here is what Ed had to say:

Brandon Lacy Campos is a word thief of the best and brightest kind, pilfering from “a corrupt system that must fall/If we’re ever to have liberty and justice for all.” These scathing, impassioned poems kick up stars dragged along asphalt—with outlandish sass, old-time funk, and a hot, ever-shimmying soul that could teach the stiffest otherness in anyone more than a few things about its most generous self.

--Ed Bok Lee, author of Real Karaoke People

Look for It Ain't Truth If It Doesn't Hurt in October 2009!

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