Monday, May 25, 2009

Ganymede Issue #4 Released

Hey folks...a selection of my poetry has been chosen to appear in Ganymede #6,the issue scheduled to be released in January 2010. Support this amazing queer literary journal by buying a copy.

GANYMEDE #4 issue (June 2009, 240 pages) now available
Readable sample pages:
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Issue #4 Highlights:
--a rare reprint of OSCAR WILDE's most perfect prose story, LORD ARTHUR
SAVILE'S CRIME, the only fiction on par with his play "Earnest." If you were
turned off by the dank, phony moralism of "Dorian Gray," this little-known
work is the antidote. It fits perfectly with Wilde as insouciant wit and was
a strong influence on H.H. Munro (Saki), Wilde's heir in fiction. First in a
series of Wilde rarities.
--Filming porn with Matthew Rush, an on-the-scenes report of life among gay
--major portfolio on gay painter GEORGE TOOKER, whose luminous magic realism
languished for decades in the shadow of his one-time lover Paul
a hit traveling museum show, the first in 30 years, is bringing him back,
and Ganymede will help!
--BRUCE NUGENT, the last surviving member of the Harlem Renaissance and the
first African American to publish explicitly gay lit--30 years before James
Baldwin. We present three witty chapters from his 1933 novel about gay
twenties Harlem. An historic find and a great read!
--POETRY SLAM: Seven gay poets make their debuts in one special section!
--SEVEN striking portfolios of cutting-edge gay photographers from around
the world

ESSAYS: Down Under with Matthew Rush...Ian Duncan: From Gay Teen to Porn
POETRY: The Blood He Released by Jee Leong Koh...The Distance Between Coasts
by James Newborg...At the Feet of Your Stare by Matthew Stradling...The
Crust of Someone Else by Jon Rentler...Sung through Spittle by Dug
McDowell...A Storm in Our Kiss by Zhuang Yisa...Log On, Log Off by Matt
FICTION: Almost No Memory by Ryan Doyle May...Pablo, There and There by Adam
Jeffries Schwartz...As Is, I by B.R. Lyon...Last & Lost: Gay Son of the
Harlem Renaissance: Three stories by Bruce Nugent...Lord Arthur Savile¹s
Crime by Oscar Wilde
ART PORTFOLIO: George Tooker
PHOTO PORTFOLIOS: Fabio Panichi...Andrea Francesco Berni...Daniel
Schultz...René Becker...Pablo Moran...Costel Magopat...Davide Poggi

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