Monday, May 4, 2009

Brandon's Twisted Nursery Rhymes: St. Sally of the Back Alley

Yet another new Twisted Nursery Rhyme...this is the last one that I am going to post for a while. David and I are going to work on this project over the coming months. He will be illustrating the poems, and we will be working on this as our next book project...stay tuned for illustrations from the book...and look for this book on the shelves sometime in the not so distant future ;-).

Saint Sally of the Back Alley

Little Sally wasn't all there
she had a pet dragonfly that lived in her hair
A family of voles lived in her shoes
she picked her nose
and drank shampoo
she lived in a bucket
above a dry cleaner's
one eye was blue
the other a bit greener
her teeth were bucked
much browner than white
she slept during the day
and stayed up all night

She only combed her hair
every other Tuesday
she talked to herself
and responded quite promptly
she never wore panties
had a dead snake for a belt
her pubic hair was so long
it was akin to a pelt
she braided it on Monday's
and she dredded it too
she listened to reggae
while she sniffed glue
she laughed when she farted
and sniffed her own rear
she ate what she found
growing in her own ears

She always flirted
with the rats in the alley
taught salsa to roaches
the girl was quite jolly
she walked on her hands
had callouses on her knuckles
she played cards with her shadow
crazy eights and pinochle
she had an old fiddle
used cat tails for strings
composed her own operas
but the girl couldn't sing

When people saw her
they would whisper and stare
people would point
and say that girl is not all there
but though Sally was simple
and Sally was crude
Sally was happy
how about you?

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