Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Orleans: A Labor of Love

I got this today from a friend of mine, Katina Parker, who is working to rebuild New Orleans. Please consider a gift to support her work. She has committed her life to helping New Orleans get back on its feet...let's show NOLA that we have not forgotten her and her people.

I have a dream and I hope that you will support it.

Last year, I took a huge leap of faith. I quit my job and trusted the Universe to support me in launching New Orleans: A Labor of Love - a non-profit social networking community committed to recruiting volunteers and resources to rebuild the Gulf Coast.

So far, so good, but, financially, times are skinny.

Today, we need your tax-deductible donation to continue our work.

For almost three years, I’ve been collaborating with a team of volunteers to research and develop the New Orleans: A Labor of Love social networking community:

The site relaunches in August 2009, in time for the 4-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina (so please excuse any hiccups while you browse).

We’ve created an on-line clearinghouse where members seek volunteer opportunities, share resources with other volunteers, post video and photo updates about what still remains to be done in the Gulf Coast, etc. In short, we’ve created a space where members can collaborate to rebuild New Orleans/surrounding areas while educating one another about social justice issues like environmental pollution, housing discrimination, gentrification, etc.

As the 4-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina approaches, we’re working against the clock to get the site up.

For almost three years, I’ve run this organization off of my salary/consulting fees. I’m chock-full of hope and commitment, but financially, I’m tapped out.

If you believe in me, if you believe in this project, please make a tax-deductible donation today and I promise we’ll make you proud:

We’re working to raise $5K every week for the next 4 weeks. In the meantime our Advisory Board is pursuing corporate sponsorships and other funding to support our 2009 goals.

Our Advisory Board includes: Musician/Actor Saul Williams, Political Commentator Melissa Harris-Lacewell, ACE Media Corp President Andrea Holmes Thompkins, and Blogger Dr. Eban Walters, and California Superior Court Chief Attorney Jocelyn Burton.

Please spread the word: New Orleans needs you now.

Katina Parker
Executive Director
New Orleans: A Labor of Love (relaunch: Aug 2009)
818 692 3300

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