Sunday, April 19, 2009

Rep. Harold Ford, Jr. Being Groomed as Baracks Successor

Call me Negrodamus (thank you Dave Chappelle). I am predicting right here and now that barring any massive screw ups by Obama or Harold Ford Jr...that in 2016, Harold Ford Jr. will be one of the contenders for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States.

I was watching Meet the Press today while losing copius amounts of moisture from my forehead as I was doing cardio. There were a slew of politicos and pundits on the show today including former Republican House leader Dick Armey. Mr. Armey trotted out the old tired Republican lines about spending, big government, etc. He also tried to paint the TEA parties as some sort of grassroots movement that his Freedomworks PAC supported with technical assistance. Bullshit, ahem. His only moment of honesty was when he happened to acknowledge that the actual TEA party protests started in response to Bush and TARP and not to Obama.

Anywho...U.S. Rep. Harold Ford, Jr (D-TN)...who recently ran and lost a race for the U.S. Senate...was the sleek and HOT rep from the Dems on the show. Talk about on point...this man could spin shit into sunshine and make quartz into diamonds. He was clear, concise, coherent, with a controlled passion that made Armey look like the dried up half baked Texas pseudo-intellectual he is. It was immediately apparent to me that this young, smokin' hot black man from the South is being groomed carefully for the White House. And whoever coached him for his appearance on Meet the Press needs to be behind the scenes before any Democrat anywhere speaks in public.

I will admit that I got off my cardio torture device only a half hour into the hour spot...but I will look into my crystal ball and predict that the rest of the show continued with Rep. Ford, Jr. smiley politely while tearing Armey a new one...with occassional interjections from a couple of the other guests.

I think we may have another President Ford. But this time, he's black.


  1. I concur and none of what you said is news...he has always been articulate and on point, just under appreciated by the Dems and intimidating to the Pubs.

    He is a still a rising star...just too young this time around.

  2. I only disagree with you slightly...what I said was news but it shouldn't have been news. the man is fierce and on point, but he has been woefully under utilized. I am basically jacked into the news streams all my waking moments, and I have rarely seen the man speak...I look forward to hearing more.


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