Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Gov. Pawlenty is an Asshole

The MN race for U.S. Senate between Republican incumbent(and asshole) Norm Coleman and DFL challenger (and winner) Al Franken could have been written by George Lucas. It's a bad script, with an over the top villain, and hokey special effects (aka TV ads).

Let's be clear: Al Franken is the U.S. Senator from the Great State of Minnesota.

Norm Coleman is an opportunistic, party changing, flip flopping jackass loser that is clinging for dear life to the senate seat that once belonged to Sen. Wellstone and now has shit smeared all over it by the current office holder.

On November 4, 2009 the ballots were counted and Franken had won.

There was an official recount that included previously discarded or uncounted ballots and Franken won.

A three panel appeals court in Minnesota entertained a lawsuit by Coleman and, yesterday, they declared that Franken had won.

Here's a joke..."How many electoral and/or judicial bodies have to declare a person the winner before he's won?"

The answer? It doesn't matter as long as an arch-conservative asshole sits in the governor's mansion and is entertaining misbegotten ideas of being the 2012 Republican Presidential nominee: Tim Pawlenty.

Tim Pawlenty inherited a fiscally healthy state and drove it into the ground. Thank God the DFL took over both houses of the state legislature and have been able to keep most of his moronic initiatives in check. But, in this instance, a winner in a statewide race can not be declared unless the election is certified by the governor. The governor (a Republican) is ignoring the fact that after two ballot counts and a judicial order and by all indicators Al Franken is the winner. Pawlenty has declared he will not certify any election results until all appeals run their course.

Coleman is now preparing an appeal to the MN Supreme Court. It is my GREATEST and most fervent hope that Justice Alan Paige gets the appeal, rolls it up, and smacks Norm Coleman in the face with it and says, "Bad ex-Senator. Sit." and then tears the damn thing down the middle and says politely, "We decline to hear this bullshit appeal. Go back to St. Paul and fade quietly from view. Or it's the sausage factory for you."

I love Minnesota. It is the greatest state in this country (even accounting for subzero temperatures for a quarter of the year). But, lord have mercy, Norm (WHO IS NOT A MINNESOTA NATIVE!) is an embarassment. Most of us learn in kindergarten to play nicely and to not be sore losers. Obviously he skipped that day. Unfortunately, it is Minnesota that suffers and is looking at an additional two months without a second U.S. Senator. Norm could give a shit about the voters of the state. But who needs a constiuency when you've got an ego the size of Lake Superior.


  1. god bless it
    On Election day Norm "won" by like 70 votes. (not counting many many mailed in ballots... hence the recounts). The best part of it all is Norm's quote on November 5 when Franken was urged to call for a recount (standard procedure with margins this close)-he said something like "The voters have spoken. Let's just accept the decision of the voters"

    letters to the editors these days LOVE to put those words back in his mouth. I imagine the problem comes because he is two-faceded they keep putting them back in the "wrong" mouth.

    peace out BLC!

  2. Bless you Cindy. How I adore you from afar.


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