Friday, April 24, 2009

Dorothy, We Ain't In Minneapolis Anymore!

So...there is a man at my gym I call “Hot Daddy.” He is about 6', well built, anti-gravity bubble booty, tanned, with a schlong that he could probably have classified as a weapon. And he's real pretty in the face.

Well, David and I had bumped into Hot Daddy in the past. On more than one occasion I caught him staring at a hole through your head sort of staring. If one of those red dots had shown up square on David's from the laser sight of an assault rifle...I would not have been surprised.

Now...I have been my be a little jealous. That jealousy goes up a notch when it involves someone I think is hot but doesn't give me the time of day. That's called Bruised Ego Jealousy Syndrome (BEJeesus Syndrome for short).

The last time we saw Hot Daddy, he had just come out of the steam room where it was obvious that his Johnson had been doing some steaming of its own. He walked past me, put his hand on David's waist, and moved him aside....but in a very sensual/possessive way (I AM NOT PROJECTING! Maybe a little)....basically....I wanted to gnaw off his arm that go around.

I have grown since that incident.

Today we saw Hot Daddy. And he, again, did the Cyclops eye laser deal wherever David managed to be. It was matched in hilarity only by my one time steam room jack off adventure buddy who got so excited that he couldn't finish the job and was basically shaking from excitement. Needless to say, David and I were both totally amused. Later on, after David and I had finished exercising, we hit the locker room for shower time, and Mr. Excitement was getting dressed behind us, and when I stripped, he got a full on woody. I was totally flattered ;-)

When we excited the shower...Hot Daddy was there talking to an older gentleman. David and I got dressed, and I was giggling and told David that as long as he let me watch video from a hook up between him and Hot Daddy, I would be cool. Then, Hot Daddy walks by and speaks!

“What's up guys?” He he passes.

“Hey there.” I said.

And then I about jumped straight on top of the nearest locker as Hot Daddy runs his finger up my ass crack through my shorts as he walks by.

I can count the number of times in my life that I have been literally speechless. I felt my ears turn bright red, my eyes were so wide that any passing lemur would have mistaken me for one of its own kind, and I told David what happened. David, being Mister Cool, giggled. I didn't know whether to be angry or flattered...I was fighting a hard on and wanting to punch him in the face. David was tickled. MEN!

Now don't get me wrong. In a night club, I have been groped many a the Midwest...we know that the gym is for cruising but touching is for the steamroom ;-). Good Midwestern boys don't just run their finger up other boys butts in the locker room...especially not in front of their boyfriends. We are good boys and do it on the sly. I am definitely not in Minneapolis anymore.

In the end I was flattered. I looked at my hottie man, and was thankful again for our relationship and the way we communicate. I also offered up a silent prayer that one day I would get to be the meat in a sex sandwhich between Hot Daddy and my hotter man. Thank you Jesus!


  1. I do have an open relationship. My partner and I, from the gate, acknowledged that we believe that our love and our making love is not diminished by outside attraction. I also believe that it is possible for a person to love multiple people...though I am not ready to open my relationship up to polyamory. Right now our relationship is closed except in certain we just moved in together and we want to make sure our relationship is on firm footing before adding the added level of communication that an actively open relationship requires. David and I talk about our outside play, we don't keep secrets from one another, and we work through jealousy and issues when they arise. It is not always easy, but it is always respectful, has made us very strong due to our honesty about our needs and wants, and is something that makes me (and him) very happy.

  2. Thank you for that! I just ended an entire decade of listening/reading/watching Tales of the City and have been lamenting getting to the end of Michael Toliver Lives. Good to know people in my own back yard can be sweet and sassy and honest and witty and real about sex and relationships and locker room cruising!

  3. okay thanks for confirming the thoughts I had in my mind...

  4. Elda: Anytime...keep can pick up juicy tidbits now and again! And thank you very much!

    Gayte: I am happy to address any other questions you may have ;-()

  5. Brandon...hon, come back to Minneapolis to visit some time and I'll take you to the downtown YMCA. Things have CHANGED since you were last in a MN gym! ;-) No, not quite so open as there in NYC, but things ARE progressing (I'm doing my part to help, of course).

  6. Brian Kluge...the Downtown YMCA been like that for AEONS! I was a member there way back in the day...and I had to switch gyms cuz after a few months...I wouldn't even make it to the gym floor.


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