Tuesday, April 14, 2009

One Liner of the Week Award: Sister Mary Raphael

So, this evening David and I were listening to NPR. They were doing a story on a small monastery just down the hill from the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles. The monastery is home to both nuns and monks of the Dominican order. Now, the nuns are cloistered but they are famous for their pumpkin bread. The monastery is going through some rough times right now because the monastery oven is broken.

Well...there is one nun, Sister Mary Raphael, who has the task of leaving the convent now and again to shop for necessities. According to NPR, the sister is not impressed with folks walking around with their iPods and cell phones. Sister Mary Raphael said, "I see people walking around on their cell phones. Always on their phones. And I want to say to them, 'have you said hello to God today? Have you called God today?"

Sister Mary Raphael is no joke...and she is the winner of the One Liner of the Week Award.

Remember..."Have you said hello to God today?"


  1. i love that i was listening to the same story you were at the same time. makes me happy...

  2. That is awesome ;-) Love you. Miss you.

  3. Just a thought: If you've said hello to anybody today, you've said hellow to God. God can't be shut out, headphones or otherwise. Thanks!


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