Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Blacks Are Coming! The Blacks Are Coming!

Lord have mercy I can't stand Republicans. I don't hate who they are. I hate what they do. Love the Republicans, hate the Republicanism. Whatever, fuck 'em.

A good friend of mine wrote recently that we need to be partisan. Hell fucking yeah. I am partisan as hell. And the root of partisan is party...and I'll be damned if any Republicans are invited to mine. I am going to have a big ass black dyke hippy draft dodging Communist feminist Wiccan abortion doctor recovering addict as the bouncer at the door with a loaded double barrelled shot gun and Black Panther tendencies.

I heard the dumbest thing I believe I have EVER heard on the radio today:

“Blacks, blacks, blacks. The blacks are everywhere. The blacks are being promoted. I am being discriminated against because I am white.” So spoke a woman from Oklahoma interviewed by BBC America about Barack Obama and his first 100 days in office.

I love BBC America...if there is a wignut Fox news Rupert Murdoch blowin' bleach blonde former beauty queen turned pundit out in the wilds of the rural West, they will find her...put her on the radio...and giggle.

Now, pardon my French lovin' ass, but, with African-Americans making up 12% of the U.S. population how the hell are we “everywhere?” Yesterday, a story came out saying that college educated blacks are being laid off at TWICE the rate of blacks without a college degree. So where the hell are we getting promoted? Popeye's Chicken? Shit.

Has this lovely woman in Oklahoma taken a gander at Obama's cabinet? There are more women/white women up in there than there has ever been in any administration ever. I mean come on Janet Napolitano, Katherine Sebelius, Hilary Rodham Clinton, and I am sure I am missing a few.

And, for the record, back in 1921 the good people of Tulsa, OK rioted and burned to the ground what was called the Negro Wall Street (Greenwood District). They segregated black folks, only allowed them to live within a 35 block radius, refused to let them shop, eat, or go to school with the white folks, had the dubious honor of being the only city in America with segregated telephone booths, and then got pissed the fuck off when black folks spent their money on each other and ended up developing a community that rivaled any white community in the state for education and elegance. So what did they do? They burned the entire damn district to the ground. They shot women and children. They shot and let bleed to death a noted black surgeon that the FUCKING MAYO BROTHERS (you know...Mayo hospital in America) said was the best black surgeon walking the planet. And this heifer is going to have the nerve to get the hell up on the radio and suggest that she was being discriminated against?


And the Right in this country wonders why it got its ASS handed to them in the last election. They wonder why their own pundits are saying that the GOP has become irrelevant and is falling apart around them. They wonder why the hell Arlen Spectre would jump ship after 30 years as a Republican. Here's the answer, listen closely: YOUR BASE IS A BUNCH OF RACIST LOONIES SPOUTING SHIT IN PUBLIC THAT MAKES THEIR OWN MAMAS PRETEND AS IF THEY DON'T KNOW WHO THE HELL THEY ARE.

In the end, I know that this was just shooting off at the mouth by one stupid woman. Unfortunately, I know that her ignorance represents what a segment (and probably a large one) of poor, working class, white folks believe. It's not the fault of the average every day working white person that they may believe this. I lay the blame squarely at the feet of sensationalist radio personalities like this random white woman from Oklahoma who gets on the radio, makes fucked up statements like the one she made. In the end, when the James Byrd style lynchings happen, when black kids are beaten in school, and when black churches are burned to the ground it is the black community that pays the price for one woman's insipid ignorance.


  1. Thank you! I'm in the process of finally finishing my Ashoka application and I've been so mad at the white power structure all day, I can't stand it . . . thanks sweetie!

  2. I love you, Brandon. You kick ass.

  3. Marnita: You are very welcome my love. Good luck with the application. I love and adore you!
    Thomas: I love you too my friend. Can't wait to talk to you on Sunday. Sent you my bio...I realized that none of the poetry I have recorded can be played on the air without the FCC breathing down your neck.

  4. A) you need to start recording your blogs..i can picture you saying all of this. lol
    B) i can edit the poems for you.

  5. I sometimes wonder exactly it would take to make people like this realize how wrong they are.

    It is sad that people like feel so compelled to share their opinion.

  6. Rodrigo: Oooooo I love you. I will be in touch later today.
    J.C.: Unless the woman has a direct experience with the black community, her viewpoint, and life, will not change.

  7. I suppose they feel that Obama is more than enough black promotion for our race...crazy I know...

  8. Right? Now if she had said...look...we gave ya'll Nigras the White House...what else do you want...I could have given her some credit...but she made it sounds like you should clutch your children and stake out the local corporate headquarters cuz the blacks were breaking through glass ceilings and putting white folk out on the street. Children.

  9. Please start a podcast so I can listen to your foolywang every day!

    P.S. Where is this chick that she is so overwhelmed by blackness? Because I need to move there.

  10. Ha! That woman was in Oklahoma City or something. Shoot. They got crazy white folks blowing up buildings and such.

    And, funny you should say that, but David and I were just strategizing on how to get a podcast going for my crazy rantings.

  11. Very well said! Don't let that old hick lady ruin your day though =) Love u xoxo

  12. Danielle: Oh she didn't ruin my day...and I am much obliged to her for the blog fodder ;-)

  13. you should be able to do a podcast using the garage band application in your macbook..and since yo got an internal mic to video chat..your set to go.

    working on your poems this weekend, i will email them on monday...btw...happy may 1.

  14. Hey Rodrigo: The laptop was CMJ's, so it is no longer with us! So, I am going to have to get an external microphone. David has garageband, but we don't have a webcam. Ohhh technology.

  15. Brandon, you need to do not only a podcast, but a Vlog. You could seriously have your shiz blow up. You are smarter than Perez Hilton. And waaaaaay cuter.

  16. Hey Carolina ;-). David and I are going to figure out how to get a hold of a web cam...cuz I am going to do a weekly vlog......gotta make it happen!


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