Monday, April 27, 2009

The City That Never Sleeps...But I Sure As Hell Do

Sometimes I look out of the window and I think..."Holy Fuck! That's New York out there." As if, magically, I went to sleep in South Minneapolis and woke up in Hell's Kitchen. It doesn't help that there is a secret underground railroad from the Minne-Apple to the Big Apple. Half my damn graduating class from college is in the city somewhere, and almost once a week someone from home sends me a text or an email and is like..."Yo Trick...I am at the Starbucks in Times Square...bring yo ass."

So far, just shy of five weeks in the City, things are going okey dokey. There have been some bumps...of which I have already blogged. Why, this very day, I had a PTSD episode...had some minor palpitations...and worked it out by sauteing some salmon and making tostones. When in crisis...go gourmet!

Each your heart out Paula Dean.

I am thoroughly enjoying this here city of mine. David and I are carrying along nicely. I once told him that a significant portion of the issues in our relationship that did not revolve around his ex boyfriend (which in and of itself accounts for 98.9% of the drama...incidentally the same amount as the genetic similarity between humans and chimpanzees)...was due to the distance. Distance breeds insecurity, uncertainity, and broke ass bank accounts.

The insecurity and uncertainity has largely been managed...the broke ass bank account is another matter entirely. But I digress (of course...I can's my blog). David and I play nicely together (most of the time). We have fallen into an easy rythym that manages to not be boring. We follow a pretty standard schedule every day, but there is enough variety in that schedule that I do not feel the urge to run full barrell at the nearest wall just to see how it feels to bounce off. Now where did I put that helmet...

Of course...monsieur y yo have had a modified open relationship for this first period. Only a little steam room good times. In the next few weeks we will be exploring the outside play...I am nervous as hell but I will deal.

Also, there are a ridiculous number of beautiful men that walk by every day. Sometimes If feel like I have died and gone to a hot ass buffett. David has one of the most delicious booties in the world. It is like the cherry on top of the sundae....but I like to eat the sundae too...if you know what I mean ;-). In the end, things will be just fine...David has some weird genetic mutation where he almost never feels jealousy. I, however, come from a complex racial and ethnic heritage...most of which are known for things like challenging people to duels and fights to the death over a wandering Left Eye Lopes' case (God rest her soul) burning down the houses of motherfuckers that step too far out of line. I have managed to manage my celosidad by talking to David about it. Of course, I am a little bitter that my first planned hook up was ruined by the Evil Ex. Forgiveness is for yourself and not for others. Remember that.

Forgive me. I been drinking.

In the end, I am excited about NYC and its possibilities. I will be even more excited when I have a job and can take advantage of those possibilities. This place ain't cheap. And while I don't have champagne tastes (this pinot is for you Eartha!), I do like a nice reisling. From the Minneapple to the Big Apple, I find that, like a little green worm, both apples are home.


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