Saturday, April 25, 2009

One Liner of the Week Award: Lara Stroud

So, play cousin Lara Stroud sent out a real press release from Minneapolis. On Earth Day, Popeye's Chicken chains across the country were offering a chicken deal...eight pieces for $4.99.

When black folks showed up to get their deal in Minneapolis, they found handwritten notes on the door stating that they would not be honoring the national advertisement, but they would be offering nine pieces for $9.99. Ya'll do the math.

Folks were angry.

Indeed, there was a line out of the door and down the block...and six Minneapolis po po had to show up and quiet things down.

When Lara sent me this API story this morning, I had to commiserate with her and own that I probably would have rioted, jumped through the glass store front window a la Shaft...grabbed a bucket of chicken and a trough of dirty rice and headed deeper into the Southside.

Lara said she would have ended up shot or bitten by police dogs. She also stated that the story would have read:

"Two African Americans, one female one male, tasered and arrested while rioting for an 8 piece."

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the One Liner of the Week Award.

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