Thursday, September 17, 2009

One Liner of the Week Award: Renee Humphries

Lo and behold! There were many moons between the previous One Liner of the Week Award (given to the brilliant Yuval Sheer) and the one previous to that. Perhaps levity had suffered its own Mercury in retrograde, perhaps the ban on travel to Cuba had been extended, secretly, to smart-assery. It is one of the great mysteries of the the origin of life and the purpose of bologna.

Yet, a wonder of wonders has occurred, Renee Humphries has dazzled mine funny bone with her quip yestereve.

We were having a lively Perez Hilton bashing session. After a particularly vibrant slam down of Perez by yours truly, dearest Renee expressed her appreciation saying,

"Brandon, you make my day almost daily. I just adore you."

That was very sweet of her. Then she continued,

"Too bad you're up in the trees with the fruit and not down here in the pond with the fishes."

Oh. My. God.

And that, my dears is how you win the One Liner of the Week Award. Congratulations Lady Humphries.


  1. LOL that is SO funny! That ONE statement speaks a MILLION words! Tell her she made MY day today :-)

  2. LOVE IT!!! hahaha Just made me crack up! I feel the saaame way, sister!

  3. Then again (if your tree is positioned over that pond) "ripe" fruit tends to fall off the branches.


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