Monday, September 21, 2009

A Limerick from a Reader

Today, I received my first limerick from a fan ;-). Well, she is also a friend and a person that I think is so hilarious that I pee myself every time I read something she tweets. As a matter of fact, she is a former One Liner of the Week Award winner and a very pithy mother of two.

I opened my Twitter account today and discovered a gift that brought out a broad smile and my crazy clown laughter. Thank you Vikki (find her at! Next time I am in Minneapolis, it's all about gin and tonics on the veranda (or if it's Winter, it'll be gin and tonics in long underwear and a parka in front of the boiler).

Here's Vikki's limerick:

There once was a guy named Brandon
who wrote with wanton abandon
he was funny and gay
and brightened the day
of all who were part of his fandom.

Vikki ROCKS. Thanks love.


  1. It was my pleasure. Thanks for the shout out and I'm happy to see that you made good use of the picture of me and my burro lover.

  2. I do love to snatch random photos from folks' Facebook accounts. I suppose one day I will get yelled at for it. Until then, tally ho!

    Plus, posting your limerick is a great way to get more peeps to follow you on the Twitter.


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