Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ganymede #5

There is a hot new queer literary journal that has been getting the best reviews and has published some of the top names in art and literature from the gay world.

I have the honor of having a poem that has been accepted for issue #6. My poetry was also published, recently, in Ganymede Poetry Anthology One.

Below is a release for Ganymede Issue #5, now available. Watch for issue #6 in January.

Our biggest ever--a whopping 344 pages!
Gay men¹s lit/art print quarterly published quarterly in New York
as a paperback book.

Table of contents and readable sample pages:
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--EDMUND WHITE on writing gay
--OSCAR WILDE's delicious 1889 dialogue on art, ³The Decay of Lying²
--GLENWAY WESCOTT's rare 1928 story of a little boy going to a ball in drag
--BERGDORF BOYS by Scott Hess: first of four parts serializing a complete
novel, both witty and dark, about gay party boys in New York
--TEN gay poets in 36 pages--the finest survey of gay poetry in print today
--EIGHT cutting-edge gay visual artists from around the world
--SUSAN GLASPELL's 1917 story ³A Jury of Her Peers,² now a discovered text
in feminist lit
--INDIE EYE returns with tips on obscure movies to rent, including the first
gay Bollywood flick!
--The Paris of Our Dreams: the 19th-century transformation of Paris
coincided with the birth of photography, and the rise of archival
photographers who snapped parts of the city either rising or falling. Our
portfolio shows these precious images.

"When I pulled Ganymede #5 out of its box, I held a spine nearly an inch
thick, healthy for an annual but unheard-of for a quarterly. And when I
reached the end of its 344 pages, my head was spinning. Nothing remotely
like Ganymede has been seen in the gay community in my lifetime. After
crucial essays by Edmund White and Oscar Wilde, each section, presented with
style and snap, leads you deep into gay male experiences of genuine interest
and pungency. Ganymede has already been praised for its textual importance
and visual splendor, but with this issue, it rises to real historic
grandeur. No literate gay man can afford to miss it."
--Erik Mitchell in

"Ganymede is gaining momentum and is definitely a journal to watch."
--CHROMA, Britain's top gay lit/art journal

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