Monday, September 28, 2009

Lila Cante a new play by Mark Snyder

Next Friday a new show hits the scene in NYC by playwright Mark Snyder. I haven't had the pleasure of meeting Mark en vivo yet, but we know lots of the same cool cats, and he loves Minneapolis, so he is a neato keen groovy dude in my joy book. And as is my pleasure, I am very happy to share information about the works of kick ass artists keeping creativity alive.

Later this week, you will have the chance to read an interview of Mark done by yours truly for the good readers here at My Feet Only Walk Forward.

Do yourself a favor: support local artists. If you don't usually get out to see a show where the actors are actually in the room with you instead of on the screen in a far away place at some point in the past, try this one out. Why? Cuz it's what your Mama would want you to do.

LILA CANTE by Mark Snyder

LILA CANTE is a thrilling new play by emerging playwright Mark Snyder. Set during the turbulent era of file-sharing and torrent downloads, the play examines two siblings who, after their legendary mother's sudden death, must deal with her legacy and the demons that may plague each of them as they try to create in the shadow of a single rock album that changed the world. LILA CANTE is about music and art, connection and isolation, power and commerce, and the ever-changing landscape of what it means to be a family today.

LILA CANTE is being produced by At Hand Theater, a NYC non-profit company that produces original work using sustainable means (


  1. hey! i'm in LILA CANTE... and I write a food blog with my sister. I feel like we should know each other. Or at least link. :-)

  2. Hey you! We totally should link it up!


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