Monday, June 1, 2009

I Love My Penis

I love my penis.

It is absolutely true. I love my penis. Nothing in my life, other than perhaps writing and my friends and my original Nintendo and my anus, has brought me more pleasure than that danglin' flesh tube swinging between my legs. Nothing in my life has brought me more drama than my penis, but you take the flaccid ugly with the hard love.

Penises, to the undiscerning, are often thought to lack the symmetrical beauty of the vagina. I have often heard the penis described as “ugly.” While I have seen more than one unfortunately malformed penis...ones that have curved so far to the left or right, up or down, that they should have had one of those bright orange signs with the squiggly road on it to warn me before the owner dropped his pants...the truth is...I find most dicks to be beautiful.

Fat ones, kinda fat ones, big ones, average sized ones, veiny, smooth, big head, small head, baseball bats to maglites...I love 'em, I love 'em, I love 'em.

Now, to be fair, I believe way too much importance is attached to the penis. True, it is a magnificent source of pleasure, and, it looks mighty fine packed into the pouch of a jock strap or a hot pair of boxer briefs where you can just make out the cock the is a piece of meat.

Unfortunately, in this world of ours the fact that I have a penis can, and often does, mean I will get more of just about everything than a woman (even adjusting for race and faggotry), with a perfectly lovely vagina, and a PhD will ever have. I will make more money in my life than most women...because of my penis I will, in many circumstances, garner more attention than the penis-less of the world (except some of my so damn hot trans men friends that have penises that are sometimes kept at home). I will have better access to housing, health care, and basic human respect because of my penis.

And thank God I was given an amply sized penis cuz that is just...well...icing on the dick cake of life.

I love my penis, but I don't love what is necessary to maintain the privilege of having a penis. I don't enjoy watching women beaten, unpaid, paid too little, not paid enough, underpaid, over worked, pimped out, beaten down, overlooked, beaten, raped, ignored, sold, and killed as ways to maintain the power and privilege of the penis. I don't like seeing the fear in the eyes of the 75% of women that have or will suffer some form of sexual violence in their life. As a survivor of rape, I understand just how scary the penis can be.

The penis is a beautiful thing. But it's beauty is not found in the power that it gives me. It's beauty is about the opportunity it gives me to connect with myself and with my fellow man ( many men as possible). It is a beautiful tool that allows me to use the privilege that I have been accorded, wrongfully, to open doors, windows, and smash glass ceilings hand in hand with my sisters (biological and otherwise) in this grand world of ours. And not to leave my intersexed family out...I use my dick privilege to help redefine gender so that it is deep, wide, long, hard, soft, round, smooth, and veiny enough for all of its incarnations and manifestations.

I love my penis. But I love a world where love, opportunity, peace, and safety are freely and justly given and not reserved to those that get to pee standing up.


  1. interesting post here. the beginning and the title had me going and want to read more.

  2. LOL! Thanks. I will, at some point, write a true ode to the dick...but the penis gets a bit more attention than it deserves...though I love mine and I love and have loved the penises of so many others ;-)

  3. Brandon,
    We're so glad you liked our translation! It took us a lot of attention and effort, 'cause your writing is so cool and we didn1t wanna miss this.
    As a feedback, I think you'd be happy to know that our readers are saying that it's pretty outrageous and interesting to read =)
    And all you've said about your Portuguese apply to my Spanish... Luckily we have English! I hope it doesn't stop you from checking out our stuff every now and then.
    Keep on with the good work!
    Carol (from Homomento)

  4. Carol! Thank you so much for taking the time to translate the piece, I am very honored and flattered! I will make sure to stop by your page now and again. I can puzzle out Portuguese fairly well, so, you know, I will make a good show of it. Thanks again!


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