Monday, June 22, 2009

I Didn't Kill Anyone Today

Sometimes you just got to let other people have their shit. There are times when even your best intentions not only pave the road to hell, they build a train, lay the tracks, hire a conductor, and give your ass a free ticket for the ride down.

Let me preach to you for a minute.

So I made a lovely dinner tonight. After working until almost 7pm, I came home and made a delectable, light, and nutritious shrimp and pasta dish. It was so good that I thought about filling a bathtub with it and doing various pages of the kama sutra to it while, simultaneously, eating my way to an orgasm.

Back to the drama. So I come home after a day that had some ups and downs. The ups were that my current boss, unlike some of my previous employers, made it clear that he trusts me to do my work, is about as far from a demonic control freak as one could possibly get, and he values my opinion, the quality of my work, and trusts me to get the job done.

Three weeks in I believe I can say with confidence that I have delivered more than expected, and I will continue to do so. When you are given respect and not patronized, when you are given trust and not controlled, when you do your job and let others do theirs (with input and feedback), then I am willing to walk on fire for you. Show your ass, and I will show mine.

But I digress.

I have, in the last couple of days, had to deal with folks that are obviously stuck up in their own stuff. And, as I have done and many people do, they project their shit out on to others.

The trick, when others project their shit on to you and go crazy, is to not claw out their eyeballs and serve them in a nice white bean soup.

Instead cook a delicious dinner, as I did tonight. I made up a simple and healthy recipe of basil and garlic shrimp fettuccine served with French cut green beans (so cut by my loving man) and red bell pepper. It was divine.

Using food as a way to not kill people is a good coping skill. Ocular nerves and fettuccine do not go well together.

People are going to be in their shit now and again. You may have the best of the best of intentions when you reach out to someone…and it may get thrown back in your face. Actually, it may get poured over your face like you are an Arab in Guantanamo, But, never, fear Allah is with you.

Just don’t kill anybody.


  1. Thank you for this. I feel I sat at your table, ate, and satisfied gone away having had everyone else's shit just dispersed.
    The taste in my mouth is no longer sour.

  2. You are welcome at my table anytime. Thank you for reading.


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