Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hot Daddy III: The Power is Ours!

I have been asked, recently, about how things are progressing with Hot Daddy. Let me tell you.

When we last left Hot Daddy, I'd just discovered his name: Benem. Since then, David and I have run into him a number of times at the gym...generally as we are leaving and his is coming, or when we are coming and he has just came (literally...we usually see him as he is leaving the steam room...his towel held out in front of him...hiding ummm...ample evidence...and I mean AMPLE evidence of what he has just been up to). Indeed, I have even run into him by myself, and I have chosen not to return to the steamroom playland with him.

It is driving him nuts.

Now...I have been known to be jealous. I am working on that. Benem is generally extremely respectful. He is also very hands on. The other week, David and I had made a trip to see Butterfly Kisses (Marcello at the Astor Place Barbershop), and our hair was lookin' fly as hell. Benem took much notice, and put one hand on David's waist and cupped the back of David's head. It was both a natural touch but also very personal. I almost went postal. He also makes sure to let me know when he is around...the same day of the Great Haircut Caper...he had also passed behind me while I was on a cardio machine and touched my back and waved.

I don't think he is used to having anyone...let alone two people...not fall immediately for his charms...broad chiseled chest...tight ass...and tree stump dick.

When we see him, he makes sure to let us know if he was at the gym, and we weren't. As a matter of fact, just the other day he mentioned that his partner was in town from Ft. Lauderdale, and he wanted to introduce David and I to him. It was at this point that we discovered that Benem doesn't actually live in NYC. I thought the man tanned all the damn time. Turns out he lives in Florida and is a flight attendant.

The fact that he wanted to introduce us to his partner, totally threw me for a loop. The mystery of Benem deepened. Does he want to do some sort of Wife Swap thing? Is he lookin' for a giant Octupus man orgy...eight limps flying and flailing and spanking? Does he want to show off what is sure to be another beefy hotty or ripped pixie like my own love?

All we know for sure was that, once again, he made sure to engage us in long conversation in a way that I have never seen him do with anyone else in the gym...and...once again...this was while we were standing in the locker room...he was naked save a whistle and an artfully held towel.

The man wants us or wants one of us. I reported on his ass grab of me. He also walked behind David one day and stuck out his tongue like he was rimming my man. When we are on the exercise floor, the man positions himself so that he is always within our line of sight...even carrying free weights to an area of the gym that makes it obvious that he is making sure that he can see us. And this is not guess work...once he told us that he would be watching us from a distance on the floor as he would be working on different body areas that day...and another time...he made sure to tell us that he would see us down there...and that day...he was everywhere we went...with a smile or cruising David.

It is confusing, exciting, sometimes angering because of my jealousy, but also fun. What happens next, no one knows, but he did make sure to tell us when he would be back in town. As David put it...we have the power in this situation. When I realized David was right...I felt a shift in internal attitude that I hope I can maintain.

More on Hot Daddy to cum.

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