Tuesday, January 27, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

Here is a wee little about me that I posted in response to lists that other friend's posted on Facebook.

1. I saw a ghost for the first time ever.
2. The ghost stole my cell phone charger and hid it in the hall closet.
3. I was going to talk smack about the ghost, but I am afraid the ghost will steal my cell phone next.
4. My black family can trace their ancestry back almost 300 years. They kept good records on niggas in Southern West Virginia back in the day.
5. I am going to see my little brother Julius, next week, for the first time in 15 years.
6. I love my family.
7. I am building my own family for the first time and it is terrifying---for some reason loneliness is more comfortable than allowing myself to be loved fully.
8. I am truly in love for the first time, and I understand now that the movies are full of shit. Love is real work and worth all the effort.
9. I have come to understand that only when you are truly loved for all your goods and ills can you really then begin to exorcise your belief that you are unworthy of being loved.
10. I believe in God.
11. I believe that God has a plan.
12. I believe the plan is focused on my good.
13. I want to find the plan, roll it up, and hit God in the face with it.
14. I used to trust easily and blindly. I have come to discover that trusting for me as an act that I am, in some ways, not yet fully capable of doing---no matter how deserving the person is that should be trusted.
15. I believe in magic.
16. I can't save money to save my life. I misspend, overspend, and still eat ramen on occasion because of it.
17. I spend a lot of time being afraid and pretending that I am not.
18. For the first time ever I actually fantasize about the person that I call my boyfriend.
19. I believe that my brothers and sisters are some of the most beautiful and amazing individuals I have ever met.
20. I think anal sex should be an Olympic Sport.
21. I have dreams so powerful that I often believe that they are the thoughts of other people that sneak into my head and run around while I am sleeping. The Borg is out there.
22. I love my lips and I hate my back fat.
23. I struggle being in an open relationship, but I could never be honest and be in a closed one.
24. I am a kick ass cook.
25. I believe that I have been given the chance at a powerful life, in partnership with a beautiful man, in fellowship with tremendous friends, and with the support of an amazing family.


  1. Funny Brandon.

    Anal sex as an Olympic sport? LOL. You are probably just doing it all wrong!

  2. Anal sex an Olympic sport? OKAY...I LOVE that you have awesome people in your life to hold you down...that ain't bad @ all

  3. Naw. It ain't bad not in the least. And Noel, I was insinuating that anal sex is a mighty fine thing and if there were an international competition I would take gold in both the top and bottom rounds ;-)


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