Monday, July 2, 2012

Top Ten Blog Posts June-July

Once again, for those of y'all that was wondering around all over the place during Pride month....having the sex....drinking the dranks....and other things and are the top ten blog posts from June until July.

1. Sex, Shirtless Pics, HIV, Desire, and Leadership
2. Meds Today
3. Starting Meds or HIV Sucks
4. Breaking Down and Lifting Up
5. Injustice for CeCe McDonald: When Tools Rule
6. Anonymous Responses and Blogging: Stop the Shade
7. Call My Ass Tigger
8. Everyday Heroes: David Berube
9. Colored Girls Hustle: Summer Accessory Line
10. My Shades of Grey

That's them...check them out. Share them out. Thanks for reading.

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