Sunday, June 3, 2012

Colored Girl Hustle: Summer Accessory Line

I am so so so late on this, but some things have been going on in my life, you know. But I need you all to help me make up for my extremely Negro Time frame on this blog post by buying a whole bunch of the amazing accessories offered up by Taja Lindley and her company: Colored Girsl Hustle.

Let me be real for a minute. I met Taja getting off of the train in Springfield, MA. We were on our way to the CLPP conference, from Abortion Rights to Social Justice. This woman was (and is) stunning. I had an instant girl crush on her. Anyone that is beautiful, political, AND can accessorize is on my short list of awesome.

Over the course of the weekend, I got to see Taja's amazing jewelry. In a testament to her artistry, I didn't notice her accessories because I went to her table, I noticed them ON folks and had to ask where they'd found them...and THEN I hauled my ass with a quickness to take in the beautiful creations of Colored Girls Hustle.

Now Taja asked me to promote her launch party last month, and I just couldn't get it together in time to send out the press release, but I want all y'all to check out her work and buy it. This sister is fierce, political and doing exactly what folks of color need to do:  build our own economies using our blessings and gifts. This is Colored Girls Hustle.

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