Thursday, June 7, 2012

Top Ten Blog Posts: May-June

Folks are busy beavers, especially during this time of year, and if you are a gay-for-pay/profo-homo, then June is HELL MONTH!

So, I forgive you if you missed these gems from the last month(ish).

Top Blog Posts (by number of readers...aka YOU) are:

1.  Starting Meds or HIV Sucks
2. Gay Marriage
3. Half Naked Brandon and the Launch of MLNY
4. CeCe McDonald and the Continuing Injustice
5. Why I Will Be Voting for Barack Obama
6. Black Folks, Gays, and an Amazing Black Church
7. Hard
8. POETRY: I Live
9. INJustice for CeCe McDonald: When Tools Rule
10. Colored Girl Hustle: Summer Accessory Line

There you  have them. Thanks everyone for reading.

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