Monday, December 8, 2008

Vision Statement

I commit myself to living differently. I will forgive myself, ask for forgiveness of those I have wronged, and forgive others. I will see myself, not as the world would have me been seen or how others have told me that I am, but as I was meant to be seen with loving kindness. I will do no harm to others with intention, and those I harm unintentionally, I will seek to make well. I will speak as truthfully and honestly as I can. I will trust openly. I will only make commitments that I can keep. I will keep the commitments I make. I will be imperfect, and I will love myself through my imperfections. I will be successful, and I will use success to fulfill my vision. I will give to those that ask, and I will save enough to sustain myself. I will honor my debts both human and material. I will be a good lover, a strong partner, and a devoted friend. I will love myself. I will love truly. I commit myself to love.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts, feelings, and insights. And thank you for reading!