Thursday, December 18, 2008

One Liner of the Week Award--Shannon Lacy

This week I am extremely excited to give the One Liner of the Week Award to my little sister, Shannon Lacy of Virginia.

Today, I was talking to my sister. She was with my Dad at a museum on the base where my little sis is station. We were discussing my Father and his recent forays into Facebook Ho-dom. I mentioned to my sister that my Daddy's ho-like qualities is how he ended up with all these children in the first place..

My sister replied, "Yeah he got all these babies of all different spices. We should change our last name from Lacy to Lowry's."

That shit was hilarious...and is the One Liner of the Week.


  1. LOL! Ho-dum is common thing. Truth be told, all our daddies were hos.

    * MORE TRUTH -- It may be hereditary. *


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