Friday, December 26, 2008

Slammers! YOU KNOW!

So, back home in Minneapolis I have the honor of belonging to a group of kick ass friends. These friends form the core of a softball team called the Slammers. The team is crazy. The people are crazy. And you know my black ass is crazy. So that all works out pretty well. This morning I was looking at my man in the shower and I said out loud, "GOOD MORN'TING!"

Now in SlammerSpeak, which draws heavily from the vocabulary of Tyler Perry and the Color Purple, Good Morn'ting is what you say when you see a fine ass man and you just want to climb on top of them and do things to make Jesus go back into his cave. My friend Isha Mae is also the kick ass and well known queer hip hop artist Tori Fixx. A year and a half ago he released a music video called Good Mornting. If you look closely, you can see a whole lot of the back of my neck in the video (I am the guy with the silver chain on)...and once you even see my profile. I am so famous.

Anyway, I am missing Isha this morning. Check out his video Good Mornting<. TRIM SPA BABY!

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