Wednesday, July 1, 2009

All is Well

Sometimes life sends you test situations, like the one in which I find myself now. The test is not a knowledge test. There isn't a correct answer. If you get it right, you don't get preferred entrance into Harvard. The test is how you comport yourself as you try to come to an understanding and solution to the task or situation at hand, and the prize is a better and deeper understanding of yourself, the things you need to learn, and the ways you have or have not grown.

I was always very good at taking tests. I had some pretty amazing scores on the ACT and the SAT. Sometimes, I wish I could replace these life tests with one of those. I thought they were stressful, but Lord in Heaven they were Cheeze Whiz on a cracker...nasty...but definitely swallowable on a dare.

The cool thing about life tests is that you don't have to take them alone. Over the years, as I have written and blogged, folks have written to me thanking me, yelling at me, or laughing at or with me. But one thing that has always come across is that folks, whether they agree or disagree with my point of view, have expressed that they had perhaps gone through similar experiences, never would have written publicly about them, and were grateful that I had done so.

In addition to wanting folks I care about to know what is going on in Crazyland aka My Head, I also want to share snapshots of my life story in the hopes that it will connect with either the funny bone or a serious moment that someone else has had or is having. One lesson I have learned good and well is that no matter how alone you feel, no matter how isolated you feel, you are never alone. Your Guiding Power is always with you, and though that is less comfort for some than it is for others, unless you are locked in a cage on a mountain in Tibet, you probably are surrounded by people that care about you, care what happens to you, and are there to support you and send you the love and light you need to pass the test at hand.

I know I have those people, and their love is bright and shining and glorious, and I appreciate all of them. From old friends with whom I am practicing an active spiritual path to a new friend that sent a text asking if he could stop by with some rice and beans, I have been blessed with numerous angels in my life.

Some of ya'll have touched base wanting to know if I am ok. I am actually doing just fine. I got my man. I got my health. I just got a paycheck. I got my God. I got clothes and food. And, as of today, I got my health insurance, which means I got a therapist that don't know about me yet.

All is well.

P.S. I almost had to kill me a homosexual at the gym today, though. So, all may not be well with him in the near future. Lord have mercy. Check back for that blog later tonight.


  1. Thanks Brandon, I'm at the gym crying. Some are asking if the weights are too heavy ;-)

    Yo no puedo ver, no puedo concebir, el que un ser humano pueda negar un abrazo, pueda negar una muestra de cariño, pueda negar un ombro en donde recostarse, pueda negar su oido para simplemente escuchar, pueda negar unos minutos para hacer del tiempo vivencias... yo no puedo nada de esto negar.

    Como SER humano, es mi deber.

    Gracias por comunicarte.
    Again, I send you my blessings and my love out to you + David.

  2. tengo un monton de gratitude que ya te conoci.

  3. Ay Papi,
    Diga me en espanol una mas tiempo y mas despacio por favor.
    I almost hit my G.
    OH MY GOD, OH yup there it is.
    Venga Venga Venga Me.

    Gotta go to my corner now...Dammit.


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