Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Lullaby (A New Poem) and GO AND VOTE!

Today is Election Day. Get your ass up and vote. Now.


Rage sweet child at the pins and needles morning
the Boogy Man has gone to bed
tip-toe quietly down the broken hallway
to the lying mirror
through the looking glass is your salvation
two swift jagged pathways
to Never Never Land

Rage sweet child at the treasure map on your back
switch ink tattoo
marking the spot where Captain Hook
found his lost boy
buried his payload
while you whispered a pirate’s oath to never ever tell

Rage sweet child at the jacknife lullaby
hussh Mama is sleeping
her neck smile redly weeping
she called you her prince
but your salty kisses can’t wake her
weep so so softly
or Charming may hear you

Rage sweet child there is no such thing as innocence
Peter Pan has AIDS
there is genocide in the Land of Oz
Tinkerbell is dead
clapping won’t resurrect the light ripped from her chest
the grim tales have no ending

Rage sweet child for what is taken from you
Rage sweet child for what is forced on you
Rage sweet child for what you carry with you

Rage sweet child dream a better world.

Good night.

-Brandon Lacy Campos
-New York, NY
-November 2, 2008


  1. I love your poem especially the rawness. I would like to post this on my MySpace (giving you full credit of course). Let me know if that is okay. This IS the year for CHANGE. (Gail)

  2. Absolutely Gail. Thank you for your note.


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