Monday, September 17, 2012

One Liner of the Week Award: Nicolas Gerard

Bloggers Note: First of all, I know that there is an accent above the "e" in Nico's name but damn if I can figure out how to make my keyboard in blogger do it.

So, my boyfriend sometimes comes across to others as very elegant and reserved. Anyone that knows him knows that while he is indeed elegant, the reserve is just the way he lures you into a sense of safety before he unleashes his matter of fact, understated, yet over the top sass on you.

Now and again, though, he says something so matter-of-fact yet so true that it is both hilarious and has the ability to snap me right out of whatever dramatic writer emotional feedback look in which I have found myself.

Today was a perfect example of that. I have been dealing with a complicated situation that resulted in a minor moment of frustration, rage, and anger at the process and lack of accountability of a number of folks involved, and I reached a breaking point.

Then Nico called.

His rational no-nonsense mind is sometimes at odds with how I construct my world and community. The fact of the matter is that I am not now nor ever be wiling to do the brutally cold thing that would be absolutely in my best interest if it would impact the best interest of someone that I care about. No one would blame me, but I would blame myself and while I can sure as heck walk away from YOUR voice, I can't escape one that is in my head (though sometimes the voices keep my company at night...they are so kind).

So as we talked today and I cried and yelled, Nico listened, offered advice, and then finally said,

"Listen, I know this isn't going to sound exactly right but I really think that old bat is bonkers. Repeat after me...the old bat is bonkers! THE OLD BAT IS BONKERS!" 

I laughed so hard that I had get up and go pee.

The old bat is bonkers indeed.

And that gals and gals with penises is the One Liner of the Week.

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  1. It's ALT + 130 for the lowercase é. :)


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