Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fuck Gay Marriage: A Guest Blog

I received an email today from an old and dear friend from back home in Minnesota that is a brilliant political strategist and deeply committed to the community. This friend asked me if I would post this blog on their behalf anonymously. Anonymously because of the position and space they hold within the movement. Because I share many of the critiques of the marriage movement and what it has meant to our community and who it excludes and the resources it has sucked away from many more important issues and the way it has defined and excluded broader conversations and work for real social change in the LGBT Movement, I have agreed to post this blog anonymously.

Get ready.

Fuck Gay Marriage
by Anonymous

Fuck marriage.

That's right, I said it.

Fuck marriage.

To be more specific, fuck all of you who are going to spend the next fucking year fucking yabbering on and on and on about how important it is that you and your partner of a couple gazillion years be able to get a fucking little piece of paper so you can get access to all the privileges given to straight people who get married.

Don't get me wrong, I'm going to fight like fucking hell against the fucking amendment. I can guarantee all you fucking model same sex couple, with your 2.5 bottle-bred babies and your cozy fucking rambler with the fucking organic garden in the back that I am at some point going to go batshit crazy after you have explained for the fucking 100th time how you need to be able to see the fucking “love of your life” in the hospital or be able to co-sign the mortage.

Yes indeedy, I am about to spend the next fucking year defending your fucking marriage while I sit at home eating a fucking Lean Cuisine and talking to my fucking cat, by myself.

Fuck it all, let's start having singles only events against the fucking amendment so we can sit around and just fucking bitch about you all in the vain hope that we aren't tempted to slash the fucking tires on your fucking Hybrid Mini-van.


  1. Gays in the military makes me feel crazy too. Context is everything. What do people want to be a part of really? James Baldwin used to decline the invitation to be "intergrated" into a burning house. Our quality of analysis determines the quality of our solutions.

  2. Fuck that was intense reading...

  3. It takes a lot for three paragraphs to make me feel ashamed of agreeing with someone. I actually am anti-marriage for everyone, but this is just sad.

  4. Yay! I soooooo love the f-word when used in fucking excess.

    Wait a minute! They make hybrid mini-vans?!? Maybe it's time for that 3rd, 4th or 5th mortgage!

  5. interesting message.... the bitter and tasteless presentation detracts from it a lot though.

  6. I read your post from today )it is Wednesday) and completely agree about the waste of resources the queer community uses and that there are other, more important, struggles for us.

    I do not think this letter is helpful because it never says why. I can see some (as in the above people) dismiss it out of hand. This critique is critical and needs to be heard.


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