Friday, July 23, 2010

POETRY: Rest Well

Rest Well

You were my Southern Comfort.
Stronger than rotgut whisky
More sugary than sweet tea
a tidewater Summer morning
You brought out the best in me.

You were my big teddy bear
(I should know, I shaved your back)
and you were always there
to keep my world on track.

You were loved by just about everyone
and loved so many in return
You were the life of the party
but unafraid to cry
without too much hyperbole
you were one heckuva guy.

You were like down home Yoda
wiser than most folks that I know
shared your wisdom with a shot of laughter
let your gorgeous spirit show

Sweet Chris, I miss you terribly
don't think you got away
I have some things to tell you
on our reunion day
I'll start out with a hug
then I'll whoop your old behind
you didn't ask permission
to walk ahead alone
even if you left us too soon
to prepare us all a home

You are a big old angel
watching over us from above
I can still hear your booming voice
I can feel your unbounded love
Keep those heavenly home fires burning
We'll see you again one day
you left a little early
to make sure we'd find the path
to the side of our Creator
to our dear friend at peace at last.

-Brandon Lacy Campos
-New York, NY
-July 23, 2010

PS Chris was a cheeseball supreme, so I thought a cheesy poem was the way to go ;-)


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