Saturday, February 6, 2010

Tom Tancredo Rhymes with Jim Crow

To invoke the power of the great blogger Divine Grace, former Republican Congressman Tom Tancredo is a douchenozzle.

He is also a racist bastard that, during his opening remarks at the Tea Party (I calls 'em Teabaggers) Convention, stated that "Obama was elected because we don't have a civics, literacy test in this country before people can vote in this country." (Read the article)

Jim Crow say what?

Speaking in the Nashville, TN, in a South that has never healed from the physical, spiritual, and psychic wounds of slavery and Jim Crow, Tom Tancredo said in his "outside voice" that Jim Crow era voting barriers should be reinstated to keep the ignorant from participating in Democracy. And by ignorant he meant to say niggers. Teabaggers are ok but carpet baggers will not be tolerated.

And wouldn't you know it, the crazy ass fuck nuts in the audience applauded. Holy shit.

When I first read this story yesterday, my jaw hit the table so hard that I left a dimple imprint in the Formica. It is a new fucking day and a great big leap backwards when white folks are no longer afraid of backlash or severe outward consequences by saying uncoded racist shit in public. Pre-Obama it would have been the immediate death knell of the Tea Party if a speaker at their "convention" aka "klan rally" said anything resembling what Tancredo said. There is no way in hell a former Vice Presidential candidate would have kept her appointment to give the keynote speech. Republican legislators would have immediately decried the organization, and it would have quietly broken apart or pulled their sheets back over their heads and returned to burning crosses in colored folk's front yards.

Not now. There's a nigger in the White House. The coloreds done got uppity and forgotten their places, and it's time for Granny to pull up her knickers, rub on some extra Fixodent, and get to kicking ass and tying nooses.

I am listening to NPR this morning, and they were reporting on the convention, and low and behold there wasn't a word spoken concerning Tancredo's remarks. WTF man? Oh yeah....they get money from the gubernment, and there is a recession don't you know. Can't rock the boat by doing any real reporting.

Wake up people. The true measure of the state of racism in this country is not the fact that a black man is in the White House. The true state is measured by what the opposition says and gets away with impunity. Racism is alive and well, and it has taken off its white robes, put on a suit and started a new white power movement called the Tea Party.


  1. WOW. This is one of your best yet. And that's coming from a honky.

  2. Thanks Gracie.

    And Darrell, yes yes it is.

  3. How can I say this without stooping to their level? I can't!! Actually granny needs to get her white supremist knickers out of that twist they're in. Slap some Ben-Gay on that tired, dusty-ancient-antique ass. Tie a noose around those ankle length teats and pull them up around her neck and sit the HELL down. JAMES A MEANS

  4. Why is it that "populism" at this moment in time is apparently the exclusive property of ignorant, racist right wing nutballs? There've been progressive mass movements before... one might even characterize the movement that put Obama in power as one... where's our grassroots swell of protest and counterprotest?

  5. nobody really takes them seriously. i think that in some ways we've done ourselves a disservice by mocking and parodying TeaBaggers. we've turned them into a joke, and i think a significant portion of the lack of response is tied to that fact.

  6. Unfortunately, no one takes them seriously but they are very serious. Just look at Massachusettes.


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