Monday, August 24, 2009

Michael Jackson Homocided!

By the power of Latoya Jackson, I abjure you! In the name of the Almighty Joe Jackson, I cast you out! In the name of the L.A. coroner's office, I declare your death a homocide!

Granny get your gun and Dr. Murray get a lawyer cuz somebody is going to jail.

According to an anonymous law enforcement source, L.A. county is declaring Jackson's death a homocide. And Latoya Jackson's crazy ass predicted it. Give that bitch a turban and a 1-900 number...cuz Miss Cleo has been reborn. Call her Miss Jackson if you're nasty.

The story was reported at, a magazine for which I have formerly written (and those bitches owe me almost $1000...don't make me call Judge Mathis).

The entire tale is a sad one that started with Joe beating Michael's ass and ended with Michael begging for ever increasing levels of narcotic substances best left to an anesthesiologist and an episode of Grey's Anatomy. As one friend of mine put it, Michael's nose died a long time ago, and his body just caught up.

Although I thoroughly believe that Jacko was ready to move on and have words with his maker. I also believe that his death highlights the reality of the ultra rich, ultra fabulous, and ultra unbounded by the laws that encumber the rest of us. I got my ass beaten on an almost daily basis for a good chunk of my life too. I did what most broke ass people do, and I got myself an addiction and a trip to rehab. Only the extremely over privileged get beaten, become mega super stars, build a personal amusement park, die with a billion dollars in assets, a new facial structure, and a different race from which they entered the world.

The world needs to let MJJ rest. For good or ill he had children that he obviously loved. His family and his children need time to mourn. Show them the same respect that was shown Jennifer Hudson when she lost her family. Shut up. Back off. Let the living grieve and let the dead rest in peace.

As for the murder charges...

Find the doctor, smack him in the face, tear up his medical license, and then let him go free. I believe that he did exactly as Michael asked him to do. There is no indication, at least that has been made public, that the doctor stood to benefit from Michael's death financially. There is always the chance that he was working for someone else. My money is on Joe Jackson's evil fucking ass. If that turns out to be the case...then the doctor goes to jail, Joe goes to the electric chair, and his surviving children are given first dibs to draw straws to see which of them gets to throw the switch. Of course, Mama Jackson gets to whoop Joe's ass first while he is tied up in the chair. I hope they air that shit on the season finale of American Idol. Now that would be a goddamn show. The only way it could be better would be if Ryan Seacrest came out of the closet and Simon Cowell admitted to slipping Paula pills.

In the end, the wheels of justice have been set in motion. Black folks tend to come out poorly in our criminal justice system, and the public at large is baying for blood. It doesn't look good for Dr. Murray. In the end, whether or not the death was accidental or pre-meditated, the fault lays squarely at the feet of Joe Jackson and the torture to which he put Michael and the rest of the children. The media are not guiltless or blameless in all of this. And, though it is harsh to say, Michael, at any point, could have asked for help and paid for the best fucking help available on the there is fault with him as well.

The coming months are going to turn his passing into an even greater circus...the only question remaining is who will be the ringmaster.


  1. Oh, for the love of light!

    Why is it that when a celebrity is given anything that his personal doctor is told to give him, it's a murder? It's so NOT a murder. It's malpractice, but it's not murder.

    I am the only member of my family who has not been prescribed daily pain medication of one form or another. I have seen how difficult that it is to get what you need, except for the times when people are offered all kinds of shit that they don't. My ex was a fucking pill-head and had his teeth cleaned four times a year because (aside from his slightly undeserved vanity) he knew that he could get pills from his dentist. There was always a reason to visit the dentist, it seemed. He would literally walk out of a dentist's office, fresh from a CLEANING with prescriptions for Valium and Percocet. It's wrong, but it happens. And if it was that easy for my ex, you can bet your sweet ass that MJ's money got him whatever the hell he wanted.

    I'm surprised that the authorities haven't called Mary-Kate Olson. I mean, when Heath Ledger joined the choir invisible via scripted medication, wasn't she the go-to gal? She should at least be a suspect. I haven't seen her in a magazine for a hot minute, and it's about that time. (Paging Nicole Kidman, there's an availability.)

    And LaToya Jackson can suck my dick. She's such a fucking scavenger of despair. When MJ was accused of child molestation, she got another 45 seconds out of her fifteen minutes of fame by stating that she knew he was guilty and had the proof to back up the claim. When charges were dropped, she said that her husband had strapped her to a chair and beat her until she agreed to go along with this story. Bitch, please!

    The whole family is as random as a bowl of Chex-Mix made entirely out of things found in the garage. All of them.

    I hope that the kid's OhMyGodmother Diana Ross will step in and start dolling out come common sense, "Miss Ross-style" with a drunken bitch-slap and a wagging finger. Other than that, bury the man and let's all get the hell on with our lives, okay?

  2. I have to kind of agree. When I saw the TMZ photos of Michael's so-called abused Xanax prescriptions, I was shocked. They were like .5MG. Ten a night brings it to 5mg. Xanax 2MG tabs that can be taken like 3-4 times a day.

    However, seeing photos of his legs, etc. I can understand if Michael had asked the doctor to give him something and he had already taken something else.

    Lets face it you have a huge tour coming up, those things probably hurt. You;re not what you used to be and can't live up to the expectation that the world may have of you. Do you end it while the legacy is good? Hmmm?

    Joe Jackson Joe Jackson. Yea, he did alot of damage, but ultimately, he didn't kill Michael.


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