Tuesday, August 7, 2012

POEM: A Very Sappy Love Poem aka The Chou

The Chou

He is to me the stuff that dreams are made of
brilliant bursts of color that
throw shade at the rainbow
give side eye to a prisms glow
French diplomat freak in the sheets realness
the category is
New Style
soft and gentle
smooth and subtle
it isn't the explosive passion that has moved my foundations
in the past
it was the Fourth of July and Krakatoa
but this......
this is a broad river
with a powerful undertow
slowly making its mark
through the stoic earth
inexorable it feels like truth
his distance feels like the reach
from river source to its delta
But I can feel him though he is not cerca
verdad the source and the delta are the same river

I meant to give him a lingering goodbye
but life got in the way (I had a grant due that day)
so it was a swift kiss and into a taxi
left me
that long goodbye
it will be a Hell of a Hello
And anyone that says two months ain't a long time
hasn't been in love before
Two days is a long time when you crave waking up in his arms
despite the snores
that sound like a Silverback banging on its chest
somewhere deep in his neck
he growls in his sleep
keeps his arms around me
except when my arms are around him
sometimes he doesn't let me go
in that way he is just like his best friend

(Yes, I also dated him).

But if this is the beginning
there can only be a happy ending
because once upon a time I fell in love with a Frenchman
who was first my friend
and those are the types of bedtime stories
that never ever end.

-Brandon Lacy Campos
-New York, NY
-August 7, 2012

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