Saturday, July 23, 2011

I Love Love

I am in love with love.

At least, I am in love with seeing and experiencing real and true and beautiful love.

Last night, I saw some love so real that it made me cry.

Miss Candise Ketcham married Mr. Griffing Partington. Yes ladies and gentleman, La Señora Crack Ass got a beautiful ceremony on Malibu Lakes, California.

Once upon a time I thought Crackity and I would die as lecherous old lascivious roommates. I imagined us as crotchety octogenarians groping men a quarter of our age on the streets and shoving dollars in the orifices of strippers and well hung UPS deliverymen.

I haven't entirely given up on that dream but it may have to include a couple of husbands that we keep around for some of our baser needs...sponge baths...banana gumming....fetching the prescriptions that will keep us alive, unnaturally, well passed the age when we should have collapsed into piles of glitter and poppers.

One of those menfolk would be the sweet as pie and big old crybaby (just like me!) Griff Partington.

Watching these two folks get married last night, a perfect evening as the sun was setting in the mountains outside of Los Angeles, in the Agoura Hills, was downright magical.

I am willing to forgive the obscenely large wedding party which was pretty much equal in size to the 200 or so guests.

(sorry...I got distracted...the prettiest, buffest Gaysian in SoCal just sat down next to me at the hotel bar whilst I am writing this...please see my note above about why me and Crackity are soul mates).

Back to love. So. Yeah. Love.

Candise and Griff are so stupidly and happily in love it made me giddy to watch them blubber their way through their vows. Candise, being truly hard core, only got a little weepy and ended up comforting Griff as he basically broke down two seconds into the ceremony.

It was a gift to be able to share their special day with them and to see what love can create between two people.

Thank you Candise and Griff, Mr. and Mrs. Crackity, for letting me share your special day with you.

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