Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Yes We Can?: Only If You Shut the Fuck Up and Do Something

I still believe yes we can.

But only if "we" shut the fuck up, recognize that we have seen amazing progress, and recognize that we gave the president four a year term.

Unfortunately, it seems the only message that got across to the majority of Americans was "change." Once again this proves that there are three year olds with longer attention spans and cognitive abilities than the bulk of the American voting public.

Change is good if there is a strategic reason for change. Changing because you are angry, impatient, and haven't done anything to be part of a solution is selfish and damaging, and the fools that participated in this "change," are going to get exactly what they deserve. They are going to get even more polarization, ridiculous obstructionism (do I have to remind people that Mitch McConnell, Senate Minority Leader, openly declare in August that his ONLY goal in the Senate was to deny Obama a second term? Don't you people FUCKING LISTEN OR PAY ATTENTION!), and gridlock. What that means is that working people, poor people, the self-hating/racist/too stupid to think critically elder white men that turned out to vote, queer folks, women, and anyone else that is not secure enough in their personal wealth to be unaffected will find themselves worse off than they were at the end of 2008. Mark my words that these same individuals, including gutless/stupid/selfish/cry baby gays that have been been throwing tantrums and pity parties because Obama didn't put their pet issues first (WE ELECTED HIM TO A FOUR YEAR TURN--SHUT THE FUCK UP AND GO SUCK ON A THE TIT OF SOMEONE AT HRC!), are going to be all "shocked" and dismayed that they voted for this new Republican House, which really couldn't give a shit about anyone but themselves, that is not only ineffective but is going to act as a rubber stamp roadblock of legislation that could make a difference in this country.

I voted for change in 2008 when I cast my vote for Obama. By strategically thinking about my vote and what it meant, I have gotten much of what I wanted (though by no means all). I wanted universal health care, Obama fell short but we have the first health care reform bill basically EVER in this country...every President since Teddy Roosevelt has been trying to do what Obama has done and failed. I wanted the recession to end. Though the economy is growing slowly, it is growing. I wanted a massive slap down and regulation of Wall Street. Obama fell short, but he still managed to have passed a significant financial regulation reform including the creation of a Consumer Protection agency with significant powers to regulate Wall Street. There are still many more things that I want: job growth, end the wars, non-draconian immigrant positive legislation, passage of the DREAM Act, a package of queer liberation bills that can include the hetero-normative largely bullshit issues of HRC queers but queer positive immigration reform, 50 billion dollar investment in HIV/AIDS prevention/support for positives/cure research as well as a bill to de-criminalize HIV transmission and a ban on states that attempt to do so except in cases of willful malicious intent, student loan forgiveness for ANY college graduate that spends at least 5 years working for a non-profit organization in a service capacity, a infrastructure and transportation bill that drops half a trillion dollars into updating all aspects of our infrastructure and the construction of high speed rail lines all across the United States linking at least one major city in every U.S. State (of course, except Hawaii and Alaska).

I may not get all that I want, but I elected Obama to a four year term...expecting that he is going to do everything I want in two years is not only stupid and selfish but is unfair. The man was given four years to do the best he could for America, yet after only two years (which have seen amazing progress), folks are screaming ME ME ME ME MINE MINE MINE MINE NOW NOW NOW NOW. And let me be really clear with those of you that are feeling good and patting yourselves on the back because you did your once every two years duty to turn out and cast a ballot but in between elections you don't do anything except complain: FUCK YOU. FUCK YOU. FUCK YOU.

Was that message clear enough?

I have reached an end with those that believe that voting is their one and only civic responsibility when it comes to engaging with the political process. They cast a vote for a person and then heap all of their wants, desires, and expectations on that person. Basically, they abdicate person responsibility to advocate, actively, for change onto another person and then have the audacity to be angry when that person, staggering under the enormous piles of demands from all sides, picks a path that is shiny and lined with gold. if you are broke, of color, queer, disabled, or a woman and you don't, every day, do something small to create positive social change in this world, please know that the other side, with their massive wealth and deep pockets, can pave the way to their desires with gold bricks. It's up to the rest of us to make sure that those bricks are revealed as fools gold and that the field the path walks through is seeded with land mines.

The whole damn country needs a good old fashion ass-whooping and grounding. And, just like when I got a spanking when I was young, these voters deserve exactly what is coming to them.


  1. This is the best damn thing I have ever read. Ever. Thank you for putting into words how so many of us feel. I will be sharing this with everyone I know. Thank you.

  2. Going to the polls as we have been told for years is only ONE thing. People must be organizing where they live to manifest what they believe in. WE cannot care for the people and the ground, air and water we value in isolation from one another. That to me is the work. Its the work from day to day and the goal. I must own the fact that I have complained and criticized, but I voted too.

  3. Very good stuff. People more and more want immediate gratification and their attention spans are dwindeling.
    It's sad... and all most people do is complain.
    They don't have the will or care to actually be involved.


    I couldn't have said it better myself. We may disagree here and there on some things, but on this we are one.

    I think this new election season which began today is going to be exciting, exasperating, comical, infuriating and certainly one that will make all those "angry" voters who are so against insurance companies no longer being able to drop sick kids, credit card companies and banks from hiking interests rates at well, and all the other horrors wrought by the "Obama/Pelosi/Reid agenda" will slowly and quietly realize how easily they've been duped.

    And in two years when Obama/Biden face off with the powerhouse team of Palin/O'Donnell, thinking America will have the last laugh.

  5. As always, that was well said. Like momma used to say, "a hard head makes a soft behind." The voters, the ones that didn't show up to vote and those who haven't participated in the last 2 years are about to learn that momma was right.

    Thank you for saying what many of us are feeling.


  6. I've said it before, I'll say it again. No one does righteous anger like you, Brandon -


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