Tuesday, October 19, 2010



I live with HIV
I have been a part-time junkie
Trying to find something I missed
In between overachieving and the point of a needle
People generally look at me like I am lying
By trying to tell them I am recovering
And some days much less recovered than others
My Mother couldn’t believe that her Straight-A-Beaver-Cleaver
Would cleave to whatever he could snort or swallow or fit in a needle
Powders and pills devouring the pain of little red ribbons
T-Cell Counts and technical knock outs by Chelsea boy faggots
That see only a status
It might mess with their A List adventure if they fall for a retroviral warrior
Rejecting gentlemanly advances as if being asked to marry a leper
All the while playing jeopardy
Take a hit and then split in half/open wide to let the next big raw cock inside
You see Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is all very well in a fairy tale where in
Your sexual health is someone else’s responsibility
Silly me, I thought when I saw your ass bubble cum like a champagne fountain that you had made a decision

Not a wager

Lord and Savior
I know that there is a responsibility for disclosure
But somewhere it was decided that raw riders got to blame others
For riding without a saddle
I am madder than hell that with all my own shit
I have to deal with bitter bitches that pretend to some moral authority
to do as they say and not as they do and do and do
turning you into a cracked out rehabilitation project
filled with so much vehemence
it’s funny that they can’t see the real disappointment
but it’s boring to look at the weeds in your own back yard
when your neighbor has such a lovely garden

Let me be clear with all ya’ll here
If you are choosing to go on a meth fueled sex affair
My responsibility to the outcomes of your personal decisions stop right there

So happy we got all that out in the air.
I feel much better

HIV and addiction fly formation in a circular pattern
Its tough to unlearn
The poison poured into young ears
By the 1980s and shady queers
Never fear!
I am well aware that I am a tragically flawed human being.
There are choices that I have made that have ripped apart the lives of others.
A lover that came to me in tears when he tested positive
Confirming my own fear about my status
Except I had been too cowardly to take the damn test
At least if I had
it would have been only one life in shambles

In the end, I have more than enough to do
Without having to take care of you
Let this serve as final public notice
I am HIV Positive
There is the disclosure that everyone wanted
From now on, make your own damn decisions
and live with the consequences
because when two adults come to a conclusion
that they want a little skin on skin action
the minute your legs are in the upright and locked position
it’s your job to make sure that you don’t have a bumpy landing

Am I being unclear?

That’s your asshole in there
And while another asshole may have told you what you wanted to hear
You are the one that let him steer his jet into your hanger
Check your anger Boo Boo
In this game of cards
A tie goes to the dealer

I feel much better after having written this poem.

I know that I have a lifetime of work left to do
Hope never to have to write another poem like this
Or slip and let addiction back in
But if or when it happens
Or when the next person looks at me and sees only a status
I got this in my arsenal
Poetry sometimes is the best ammo

-Brandon Lacy Campos
-New York, NY
-Tuesday, October 19, 2010


  1. Thank you for sending this to me. I am honored to witness your rage and eloquence. I am thankful to be reminded of the fact that for every action there is a consequence. I need the reminder believe me. I will hold you in a special place wanting no thing but good for you on the journey. You feel like a relation to me at this point and not sure when that happened but after reading this it became so clear that I gotta name it. "May all the storms be weathered, may all that's good get better"!

    Paz y amor,


  2. mi muy querido Brandon. You are fire. you are truth telling and witness at it's best. you are image meeting page/screen transmitting urgency movement towards a reconnection to flesh. human and healing.
    Love MC
    I have a suggestion for it that might increase it's potency. Let me know if you want to hear it. The poem may need time to breathe.

  3. Ok, I admit it today was the first time I took a minute and read your work, and it moved me so much that I HAD to write and say thank you. Today's poem H I Me was groundbreaking.. I used to think your were probably some wealthy, self- indulgent black guy who had too much time on his hands ( my former opinion of most Bloggers) but today I know you are an artist, a true artist. Mad love and respect.. Damian

  4. Thanks for that hilarious honesty. I went right on ahead and laughed out loud at that. Thank you also for your words about the poem. Much appreciated.

  5. Dude. You are seriously brilliant. This is some brutally honest slammin' poetry / and the personal is political self-expression. I get the message, very clearly, and there are a ton of straight and queer folk who should. Including, apparently, more boomers than hormone ridden kids without fully formed judgmental facilities... how off the wall is that?!?

  6. Very good stuff Brandon, all I can say is wow.

  7. Princess Jasmine :-)October 20, 2010 at 12:45 AM

    I love you... now and always... You always speak from your heart and your soul and don't give a fuck what folk think... you are brave, sexy, and brilliant... your words speak about our lives in more ways than you even know my friend... Keep on keeping on...

  8. Brandon,
    Hang in there and keep telling you truth,your story and staying true to your self.
    Thank you for sharing.

    Poppa M. in Greenbelt

  9. I love u Brandon.
    Talented & brave :*


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