Thursday, February 5, 2009

Moving Right Along...

I am excited. My brother of choice Rodrigo is on his way to Oakland. My friend Lorena is with him, and my partner will soon be in the skies on his way to me. I feel as if I have hit the jackpot today. Except for the bubble guts. Lord, my ass just exploded in the coffee shop. I was afraid that the force of the expulsion was going to shatter the porcelain.

Last night I had a jealousy moment. It came on suddenly. I was upset because my brother will most likely not be here this weekend. I had already packed away two glasses of wine, and a man that I personally think is very attractive started a dialogue with my partner on Facebook. It was innocent. My man assured me that any freaky dicky that happened with this particular person would only happen with me as part of the equation. But I was emotionally raw and St. Jealousia escaped her Hell bonds and ran amok.

But this time was different. I was still a minor asshole. But I was able to reign myself in without completely losing my mind. Unfortunately, David got the brunt of my drama, and he was dealing with drama of his own, and those wonder twin powers combined, form of Dramatron.

Today I have my hater blockers on. I sprayed on an extra helping of bitch begone. And I have No More Drama incense burning in my bedroom.

Now I am off to fetch Makeeba from her date with the oral surgeon. Poor girl is having all four impacted and infected wisdom teeth snatched up out of her face as I type. At least they are giving her some good ass drugs.

And me, I am praying that the ominous gurgling in my stomach does not turn into an anal reenactment of the scene from Aliens when the spawn erupts from Sigourney Weaver.

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