Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Second Coming of the Blog

For those of you that journeyed with me to Albuquerque a coupel of years back, you also were treated/tortured by my almost daily bloggings at

For roughly a year and a half, I shared with the world just about every bit, pinch, and inch of crazy I endured or called down upon myself while living in New Mexico and during my transition back to Minnesota. Well...I have laid It Ain't Truth to rest...but I have called forth My Feet Only Walk Forward.

My Feet Only Walk Forward will be similar to It Ain't Truth but with a small twist. I will continue to spout my emotional drama into the blogosphere but I will attempt to connect my day to day or week to week or occassional to occassional musing to a broader and deeper analysis of the world. Either that or I will restrict myself to commenting on the plethora of white hippies with dredlocs I am forced to endure on my frequent trips to the home office in Madison (please note, It Ain't Truth also started with a rant about white hippies with dredlocs...I am keeping a tradition alive here).

Also, My Feet Only Walk Foward is going to be a bit of a personal experiment. I am going to use this blog, through specially marked entries--no proof of purchase required---to start a prose and poetic journey along my life path thus far...basically...a memoir. As well, I am in the midst of writing a series of ten spoken word pieces, each of which is going to be a stand alone anchor piece for a one-man-show that I hope to finish up by the end of 2008 and start performing next year. As I finish each poem (of which I have completed four), I will post those here and welcome feedback.

And, finally, I am a political creature (surprise)...My Feet Only Walk Forward will also include progressive analysis and commentary on the Presidential election as well as other national issues and analysis of local issues specific to Minneapolis/St. Paul.

The ride at It Ain't Truth was fantastic. More than 15,000 individuals took that journey with me. Let's see how many unwary traveler's I can lure into my cyberweb with My Feet Only Walk Forward.

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  1. I'll add a link for you. Both of my readers will follow along, lol!


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